EDB 2010

The Sencod International Conference on Emerging Databases(EDB 2010)

Grand Hotel, Jeju, Korea

Aug. 30-31, 2010

The Emerging Database Conference series is an annual forum for exploring research, development, and novel applications of emerging database technologies. Using this forum, researchers and practitioners can exchange current issues and challenges and new technologies, and solutions.

The Second International Conference on Emerging Databases (EDB 2010) will be held at the Grand Hodel in Jeju, Korea. The EDB 2010 is organized by the Korea Database Society of KIISE(the Korean Institutes of Information Scientists and Engineers). The EDB 2010 pursuits the continued progress in database theory and practice, leading to greatly improved applications in ubiquitous computing area.

Authors are invited to submit original and research papers addressing technical issues, solutions, and technologies in emerging database systems. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by members of the international program committee. Accepted paper will be included in the EDB 2010 conference proceedings.